Iron Ladies chapter: 69 Review

So our respected Allen (translator) did a great job and post around 10 chapter’s continuously thus we got to read some great romantic and funny moments.

She looks so cute…

So now our MC is going to attend the conference and he meets with his friends from the internet which is a girl, a blond and beautiful one. We also get to see our Being (sorry for name mistake) goddess in the cute and chibi form. And she is really jealous of our mc’s new girl friend, but our mc manages to calm her down. We also get to see that the person who will be hosting the conference wants to make our goddess his own, and get the hints that he might be involved in smuggling weapons to the planet. Let’s see what will happen in the future.

Spoiler: Things won’t go smoothly for our mc as he will be meeting the blonde girl one more time also we will get to see some upcoming fight highlights.


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