Tokyo Ghoul: Re Season 2 EP- 11 Review

So we are finally reaching the end of the season (that’s what I think) and here are some of my thoughts about this weeks episode.

In this episode, we got to see everyone getting united to start a war and end the whole mess which the evil people started (I forgot their name ). And finally I will get to see a badass fight of our mc but I didn’t get but hopefully, in the next episode, there will be a fight for our Mc. Then we get a big “Owl” standing in front of our mc’s friends and started killing them all very easily (not his friends yet), some 1vs1 fight which was great (you know which fight I am talking about) and finally our mc and his girlfriend which were going to stop these ghouls but stooped by someone.

Conclusion: I liked the episode and some deep emotional fight (not very emotional for me), but what I wanted to see was our mc getting into some good fight. The only thing I liked in this episode was that big Owl ghoul and 1vs1 fight, not that others fight weren’t great, they were but these are what I liked a lot.

Spoiler: In the upcoming episode we would surely see our mc fighting against that person in fog (which we saw in preview of next episode) or the ghoul who’s shell was cracking will show up and that person will surely be strongest of all the ghoul we have seen so far and then that might be the end of the season and we will be swearing the creators for more.

(Note: The spoiler is my own prediction so i will surely be wrong)


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