Goblin Slayer ep: 10 Review

So, the episode 10 was already out and I didn’t notice that but finally saw the whole episode so here’s the review.

Finally, in this episode I get to see his (MC) harem, all the girls were giving hints of liking him but now it seems like they are getting jealous of other girls also. This episode was more about character development, not just MC but other girls in his harem, there was some fan services, got a letter from the sword maiden to Mc, also his childhood friend worrying about the future of Mc. The start of the story with Mc remembering about his sister was really great I thought there might be some bad scene (like remembering about the attack of goblins also).
I have nothing to say about this episode as I am enjoying it and we know about what’s coming up.

Spoiler: We know that big war is going to happen as we all might have read the manga but I think the next episode will only be about preparing for war and ending the episode with a little hint of what they are going to face.

Be sure to tell me your thoughts.


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