Iron ladies ch: 70 Review

Reading some other manga (You know what manga) got a message new chapter of Iron Ladies is available so I read the chapter and here is the review with a spoiler.

Now that’s a good entry…

This chapter had everything that I expected.
So the chapter started with that male or female man, who is the host, then other fleet admirals coming in the show and reporters saying good thing about the admirals except our MC, saying that he takes on all the 3 thousand girls in one night (which is really great) and our goddess entry with a seductive dress. Then the Mc and his Daoist friend meet again (which was expected) in an awkward manner and before our reporter could say he was eating the ground dust all with the help of our Beiyang.
The chapter was funny nothing to complain so far (well, who I am to complain anyway) and let’s see what’s going to happen next.

Spoiler: I think now Being will start to be aggressive and also there relationship (Mc and Daoist) will be known by everyone and they might act lovey-dovey at the conference. Also, there is something big going to happen but that would be in next 2 or 3 chapters not in the upcoming release.

Be sure to tell me your thoughts…


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