The Scholars Re-incarnation ch: 80 Review

Seems like chinese manhuwa are getting better and better and here is the review of ch-80.

So in this chapter, Mc is trying his best to train his 2 undermen by giving them death-like experience every day and now he gave them some time to rest. There isn’t much to talk as we all can understand what’s going on (Thanks to the translators) but I want to say that I wanted to see Mc sister acting more like a bro-com but things now are good for me. In this chapter, I didn’t get to see much as it was only about improving more and a father worrying for his kids.

Spoiler: What I feel like is that there will be an exam going on for his sister in an academy and surely someone will challenge our Mc and he will be beaten down. And also the way he is training his undermen it seems like he is planning something big.

Be sure to tell me you prediction also…


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