X Epoch of Dragon ch: 34 Review

Mann I love this manhuwa a lot…

This chapter had everything except any fight, which is good. So our Mc goes for the makeup exam where, if he passes will get accepted into the academy. The teacher came in, give an inspirational speech then tells them to go find the dragon fruits and everyone goes in, as well our mc followed by his 2 cute friends. The chapter mainly contained funny and chibi theme, which was really cute and in the last panel of the chapter we get to see that our Mc girlfriend finds the fruit but something big is behind her, thus The End, so let’s just wait for the release of a new chapter.
Last thing, no doubt the chapter was great but I hope that they would focus on Qing Ying character also, I just want some character development for her also but that’s the type of character she has (the silent one), but let’s just hope she would open up.

Spoiler: I don’t think that the big thing behind Xiang would be a monster rather it would be other students who want the fruit (with there dragons or pets?) but it could be monster also. But I think that it would be other students.

Be sure to tell me your thoughts also…


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