Anima Yell up-to ep: 6 Review

I had this on my list and I wanted to watch it but because of the ratings (which were low) I didn’t get myself to watch it but until today.

So I just watched up to episode 6 and here are my thoughts so far.
Kohane (Mc) loves to help others and get’s herself fall in love with cheerleading and starts telling her family about it and then tells her teacher so she could be in for cheerleading. Slowly she makes new friends and even gets Ema (don’t remember the name properly, a girl who is tall and has blue hair) join the cheerleading association.
They do some cheerleading practice, cheer for there basketball team and in the last episode, they made a performance outside.

So am up to gonna watch? If yes why?
My answer would yes I will watch as the show seems quite good to me because it has some cute moments and funny chibi moments. Surely this is doesn’t have high-level comedy, it just has little comedy, chibi moments, sports spirits and a slice of life (which means it’s more about there life and character interaction with others)

Hope you would also give it a shot and let’s see what’s more in the store…

Be sure to tell me your thoughts.


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