Hitomi chan is Shy with strangers Impression

Usami Yuu (Male Mc) and Hitomi (Female Mc) 2 main characters of this manga and what’s my thoughts?

Many people thought that this is same manga like “Komi-san” and when you read the description of this manga and that manga you will surely feel it is same as both the female Mc are nervous around people and the male Mc helps the girl to interact with people but that’s the only thing common in both the manga.

She can talk…

In this manga (Hitomi…) she is able to talk with people without any problem but her face always an angry look whereas in Komi-san she has a problem and can’t even utter a word properly (in front of people) and doesn’t show any angry face (it’s people around her, imagination). So the description may seem the same but it ‘s different.

You could see that people just think Hitomi is angry but she is not and she can talk as compared to Komi san who vcant talk and people imagunes her face in there fanatsy.

So go give it a shot and see how bioth managa are different.

Be sure to tell me your thoughts…


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