Zombieland Saga ep- 12 review

Was going out for a walk then thought I should check my notification if there is a new episode of an anime and hell yeah there was which I literally didn’t notice (don’t know why) but yes I watched it and here is my review in this episode.

So in this episode, everyone is trying best to make Sakura remember who she is but Sakura isn’t cooperating with anyone and thus starts the struggle of everyone. Later she gathers enough courage and takes things seriously, then they practice for their upcoming concert and boom the rocked it and yeah I liked the song very much. But in the last few seconds, we get to see an old man having 2 photos of those three girls and thinking about what is going on.

Spoiler: My thoughts on the upcoming chapter is that the man who had the photos might be a police officer who has the missing complaints about those three girls (the reason why I am saying those three girls is that I forgot their names). Let’s see what will happen

This is one of my best moments

What’s your thought on upcoming chapter?


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