Albino and Witch Manhua Review

Manhua or Webtoon, don’t know what it is but here’s the review after reading some chapters.

You know what’s coming…

The story is like this, a witch picked up a little kid from the street and thought that he is a boy but turns out that he is she, which means its a girl. Then she tries to poison her but she can’t do it because she didn’t eat the food she gave her, then the next day she wakes up and see that her wounds are healed and there’s is a food with a letter telling her name is “Mouse 1875”, after that moment she became madly in love with the witch.

So that’s the story and its yuri (big fan of this) and hell yeah I loved it, but it’s not like character development or slice of life with small yuri moments but it’s a steamy one so be sure to read it alone.

Be sure to tell me you thoughts…


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