Sword Art Online: Alicization EP 10 and 11 Review

I didn’t watch both 10 and 11th episode, so I remembered that later and when I click the play button I got this:

wasn’t expecting it…

Ep- 10 was really something which we all might not have expected as the show got really changed into something horrible and psychological which might not have happened in any season except this one and I pretty much liked it.
The reason of em liking it is because many people believe that SAO is kids show as it’s only about boy stuck in game and surviving in game that all but not anymore as this kids show turned into something really good and yeah if you still think it’s kids show think it one more time after watching ep11.

A great battle is coming

OK! we got something good in ep 10 but in ep 11 we get to see Alice back but seems like she has forgotten everything and she takes Kirito and his friend as a hostage and take them with her in a giant dragon. Inside the prison, Mc friend made a proper determination and then they break free from the prison and have good moments until they meet a knight which is remembered by Mc’s friend by looking at the logo in Knights armor and to be continued, that’s the end of the chapter

Both the episodes were amazing ep-10 was kinda psychological and ep-11 was about character development, nothing to complain and let’s hope for a great battle in the upcoming episode


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