The boy in all-girl school first impression

The reason why I love mahua a lot becuse they got a lot of pannel with funny chibi characters and moments where mc think he is loved one is dying but instead is alive. So this manhua was recommended by someone and read the first chapter and here’s my thought on it.

this is the reason why I love manhua

The story revolves around the mc who will be enrolled into all-girl school but it is known as hell for boys as girls don’t allow any boy to stay there but Mc has been fooled by his parent’s emotional talk thus he has to go there to pay off the debt of his father.

Read the first chapter and got what I expected. It is funny, has chibi and has it’s own style (which every manhua has) thus I loved it and going to read more.

You should also read it as it’s quite good one and be sure to tell me your thoughts…


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