The returners magic should be special ch: 21 review

I do like traps but still why is he a he? God can be cruel as well the creator of this manhua.


So the ch-21 is out and read it thoroughly, here are my thoughts.
The chapter was amazing as Pram finally understood the value of his sword which he thought as some cheap sword but it wasn’t and he also understood what was written in the handle. Thus he is quite happy and together with Mc they get out of the market and start eating food and Pram is thankful to Deris for being kind o him, so he made a decision to follow him.

A great chapter with some cute and emotional moments but the only problem was that there were a lot of white spaces which makes the chapters quite short but this chapter was great no doubt, but still hope it would be longer (because I want more)

I am really hoping that Pram might be she rather that he.

What’s your thoughts on it…


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