The teacher Can Not Tell Me Love Ch:1 Review

I have read “why are you here sensei ” so I had my expectation high while reading it and here my review on the manga so far (read only one chapter).

The story is about the student (Arase-Kun) and his strict teacher (don’t remember the name) who shows that they are really bad in terms with each other, but it’s only when they are in school as after that they are couples.
Having relation with your teacher might be everyone’s fantasy (including me, especially if they are hot) and that’s the reason why I picked this manga. So after reading the first chapter, it didn’t let me down and I’ll read other chapters also.
But the first chapter was direct to the point and I hope that upcoming chapter will be about how they get into a relationship (which I am more interested) and that’s it.

Be sure to read this manga if you are a fan of student x teacher. (not hentai one)

Hope you would tell me your thought after reading this manga…


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