Goblin Slayer Ep:11 review

A great battle, finally get to see it and what else to ask from the creator except…

You are done Goblin Lord…

My thought:
The half-episode contained, Mc trying to gather help for the battle (they agree only when there was reward put into) and the other half, battle with goblins but I really hoped that the battle would have been a bit longer as it was quite short and the scene’s of Mc was less in another half of the episode. In whole battle, Mc didn’t fight with any goblin and only go after the lord but I really wished the Mc to be bathed in the blood of Goblin and then chasing the Lord but it wasn’t.

The episode was good but could have been better if Mc would have shown in battle and killing goblins and thats the only reason I didnt like the battle much.

Hope that you agree and if not then tell me you thoughts…


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