Iron Ladies ch: 75, 76 and 77 review

3 chapters at the same day, the translator is of god level.

it’s not a love bite…

My thoughts:
Finally, the battle broke out but its just the starting and Mc is using his clone I think as he said himself that his real body is somewhere else, which just woow… for me as he didn’t show this skill in any chapter. The attack was none other than those rebellions and yeah someone will be painted on walls again. How were the 3 chapters? I would say that these 3 chapters only showed the start of the fight and the real battle will take time as we all know that the panels are quite short. Hope they could make chapters longer, still, the chapters were great.

We all know that we will get to see someone painted on the wall and also his new battle form but it will take some more chapters to reach there.


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