SAO Alicization Ep: 12 review

Ok so she is the one behind all these psychological things…

She is the main boss…

My thoughts:
Episode started from where it was left (which was the starting of the 2 vs 1 battle), the battle was good one not great one as the battle was quite short, both Kirito and Euge (sorry for spelling mistake) won the battle and get out of the prison battle scene to another place where there is a loli professor and then she tells them about this whole system things and we also get to see the main villain behind all the psychological things.
The episode was mainly focused on telling viewers about this all whole system thing (that’s what I think), so the time you understand this whole mess, its timeout and wait for the next episode.

I did understand this system thing that the women want to be the administrator if this world but I really hope that the battle would have been a good one. And I seriously don’t know what’s going to come or is this the ends of the season.

Don’t know what’s going to come or not but lets hope for the best….


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