Tensei shitara slime datta ken ep: 12 review

Orc Lord vs The stongest slime, finnaly its time for the great battle.

Is he enjoying himself their?

My thoughts:
The final battle is here guys and are you ready to amaze by the power of slime but that’s in the upcoming episode but what about this episode? It was a good one and the episode contained few funny moments and some fan service (not fully nude one). Our Mc is also ready for the battle and is taking the bath before the battle and the dragon tribe is going to start the war against the orcs but they will be defeated and that’s the end. The episode was a good one, nothing to complain but don’t know why I thought that the Dryaid was too bright (might be my screen issue). The episode was decent and it was just a good episode but sometimes I feel bored while watching.

The episode was kinda boring for me but I really hope that the battle would be great and I am really hyped for it.


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