Yagata Kimi ni Naru Review

Watched up to ep 11 and yeah I had also watched Citrus so I might be comparing both the anime.

My Thought:
The anime is with a decent plot where the girl (Touka) falls in love with her junior girl (Yuu) and you know what the rest of the story will be. Let me tell you one thing it doesn’t have very steamy scenes like Citrus had and nether there are aggressive characters, it’s very simple and light heart yuri with a lot of deep feelings and character development. The music is also good and it puts a good vibe in every romantic moment, the same thing can be said to its art, though I feel like colors weren’t natural still it’s decent.

A little jealousy….

If you had watched Citrus and then watching it while hoping it will have lots of kissing scene and hot moments then just drop it as its more about character development and music that puts a new vibe in every romantic moment.
So yeah if you want a good plot, music that puts a deep vibe and good character development then give it a shot.

Let’s see what upcoming episode has for us and also be sure to tell me your thoughts…


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