Iron Ladies ch: 80 review

His harem is surely increasing way faster than I thought.

Just one more angel of other fleet…

So, again our god level translator did a great job and we have got multiple updates and her are,
My thoughts:
Chapters were amazing no doubt about it, we also get to see that he got great luck in his sniping skill, as well we got to see some great lovey-dovey moment. At the last panel, Doist has expressed her love for the Mc and the whole universe is shocked and you know what’s coming (all the people are going to get jelous, especially Being).
That’s all, we got great battle, good speech, lovey-dovey moments, and reporter saying good things about him, but I thought those rebellions would show up but didn’t show (i am talking about leader), also we didn’t get to see Mc new battle form but still we got to see the dark gold form, which is also great, and let’s hope we get to see our goddess in the next chapter.

Being is mad…..


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