I am Behemoth of the S Rank monster but I am mistaken as a cat and live as a pet of elf girl: Manga Review

Woooow… that’s quite a long title but it’s not just some random reborn manga you have read so far, so here is the review.

Don’t read this manga in public!… that’s strict warning and rule. The manga is about a knight who died and reborn as the strongest monster but looks like a cat and is taken by an elf. Simple isn’t it? But no kids, don’t be fooled, this is something where our Mc (Cat) will have the ability to cross-breed, Yes that’s right and that the end of the review, as I have nothing else to say. This manga has a decent plot, ecchi moments and harem.

A very pure love…

It’s a funny and ecchi manga so go for it if you like it (cross-breeding) and yes i am reading it.


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