Solo Leveling Manhua Review

Just your avg. plot where Mc get game like skill and he turns from weakest to strongest and creates his harem, is that what you thought? Foools……

He is stronger than S class adventurers…

There is literally no manhua like this worth to be paid for every chapter you will read. I have been reading this manhua since it only has 4 chapters, I guess, and so far it has improved a lot and has become the best manhua with a badass Mc. The plot is same like every other game like manga or manhua, Mc gets this game like skill and becomes strong but he just didn’t get those skills like other Mc of those mangas, this Mc earned it and still tries his best to be the best, and that’s the difference b/w all those mangas and this manhua, Mc earns everything.

Just read it if you haven’t because you will never regret it whether you read it for free or you pay for every chapter. This manga has:
– Badass character
– Great character development
-Cute little sister
– Great art
– Mc who earn doesn’t get things but earns it
– The Mc is not retarded (like in other manga where they think will they be able to do it or not)


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