God of Martial Arts ch: 70.2 Review

I’ll be sure to make full review on this Manhwa, but for now, here is my thoughts on the latest chapter.

Are you said?

My Thoughts:
The new chapter was great, Mc speakings some good line to his frost queen and then trying his best to protect her, later his spiritual powers awaken and devours all the frost ice outside to evolve themselves. No doubt the art was great and the spirits were also great especially snake but the new Ice Golem kinda look like he is sad, but still, it’s good (after-all I am not the one who is drawing, so I respect his art). There is nothing to complain in this chapter for me.

Extra Thoughts:
No doubt Mc will become stronger from this event but I want to see both the girls (hope you know which girl I am talking) fight each other, I really want to see some cat fight.


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