Shougakusei ga Mama demo Ii desu ka? Manga Review

From the looks, you guys should have gotten the idea that there will be a little kid (loli) in it, But many of you would stop it as they think it might be just about guy falling in love with little kid or might be an echhi one as the authour is the same one who created Kiss x, Sis,, But everything is different when you read it. So here is the,

I can feel it…

Probably many of you had dropped it or don’t know about this manga. This manga center’s around Mc (a grown up man) and his mother (loli), but don’t get the wrong idea just because the author has drawn an ecchi manga before. The Mc’s mother died in the accident but gets reborn as someone else daughter and after a while, she gets her memory back and tries to fulfill his role as mother, as she died when the Mc was a little kid.
The manga is really beautiful, the art and plot are decent but the way it shows is amazing, also a great thanks to the translator who translated it.

The manga is about a mother who wants to give emotional support to his son, which she couldn’t give in a previous life. It’s not that deeply emotional as it is funny but give a good feeling for motherly love.

Be sure to tell me your thoughts after reading some chapter on it.


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