A Returner’s Magic Should be Special ch: 27 Review

Pram is really cute hold but I should hold my horses as he is a trap, but I wont hold my horse while telling how much I liked the new chapter.

Is that a cat?

My Thoughts:
The new chapter was really good, as it doesn’t have much of fight but had some lovey-dovey moments of Pram and Mc. The chapter didn’t have much but still had some funny moments which was far more than enough for me.
The chapter was about Mc telling his party how to advance to alpha class and then rain starts, they took shelter under the tree and Pram starts clinging to Mc. Then finally the 2nd quest starts and that is, kill all the monsters (which is an army of rats).

It was just a nice chapter but I loved Pram getting lovey-dovey and that’s enough for me.
Be sure to tell me your thoughts…


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