Starting out as Friends with a Yankee Girl Manga Review

After you, read the title you feel like this might be something hot, or harem one but you all are wrong, as well as me, but my opinion n this manga might not be that wrong.

It’s not that what you think…

My Thoughts:
Plot: Mc falls in love with a Yankee girl and tries his best to make her fall in love with him.

That’s what the plot is but in reality after reading all chapters available, the mc falls in love with the girl who looks like a yankee but is not, she is straight-forward and tries her best to let Mc know how to create a good environment for the girl you like.

I think the author might be a girl (not sure) because the manga tells us how a girl sees things and that might help for people who are single. (Including Me) So let’s read and see what’s more to come.

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