X Epoch of Dragon ch:35 Review

The new chapter is a funny and cute one, also we get to see some Yandre moments. And here is my review.

She might be a Yandree

My Thoughts:
The chapter starts with Mc trying to find Dragon fruit but can’t find it whereas Xiang is able to find it, behind her there is tree dragon but after some talk lets her take the fruit. The Mc hugs her and tell her not to make him worry like this again and enters Qing Ying and of course she is angry and then they all start finding the dragon fruit but couldn’t get on except Xiang and Qing get’s really angry and goes alone, then finally she finds one but gets attack by tree dragon, later they know it was just illusion as Tree Dragons in caught in Qing Ying’s formation.

That was just the plot, the plot was good for this chapter and really well drawn by the author. But the translator might have made a mistake, because, when Mc and Xiang were hugging each other she came and I think that she wants to be complemented by the Mc but Mc make’s it sound as she just doesn’t want to lose to anyone and is not concerned with emotions.

Whatever it is, we will get to see it in the next chapter so be sure to watch it…


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