My Best Chinese Manhua/Manhwa of 2018

This was quite tough for me because there are lots of manhwa or manhua out there and each of them is great in their own plot. But still here is the list of manhwa/manhua which you should read before you die. I will not give you any plot description because they are the best and you should just read it.

  • Soul Land: My 3rd best Chinese manhwa that i had read in this whole year. The updates are slow but still, it’s worth to wait or even pay for the fast update. The manga is really romantic, emotional, great plot, and character development.
My 3rd best manhwa
  • Iron Ladies: Fast updates and the best Mc with more than 3 thousand girls for him alone. Though the updates are fast, but the chapters are short but one of the best mc with Badass attitude and cool style.
Best sci-fi manhwa

No. 1

  • Solo leveling: I have never read manga like this one ever. Though Mc has game like skill but still it’s not like those manga/manhwa/manhua you have read so far. This is the best and will be the best ever.
The most bad-ass character ever

Here is my best three manhwas/manhua, they ruled my heart and I will guarantee that they will also rule your heart because they are the best of the best manhwa/manhua out there and still going on. You will not regret it after reading any of these manhwa/ manhuas, so what are you waiting for? Go and read it. Also

Happy New Year


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