My best Harem manga of 2018

The list will contain mainly manga/manhua/manhwa with Mc having a great list of girls around him after all the word harem is loved by everyone so here is the list.

  • Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: A perfect manga (also got anime adaptation) for those who love harem genre with a lot of ecchi scenes or hot scene (not that hot, just to fan service).
    • The plot is: Mc had always been haunted by ghosts but after some training, he is able to beat them with one punch. He goes to stay at an inn but his room is been haunted by a ghost Yuna and then he tries his best to make her last wish complete.
Now that’s what you say goooooodd…
  • Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi: Let me say one thing, this is not you happy story harem. This manga is more towards revenge. So you will see quite a lot than just harem but still, I thought you guys might get interested in it.
    • The plot is: Mc was used as a slave (because his job was of healer) in the party of the princess and also physically tortured (in that way also), but when he was going to die he goes back into time and then starts his revenge with his previous memories.
It’s not you hay harem manga
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: This manga does come in harem tag but not an ecchi one. It’s a very smooth manga with not fan service, but hey fan service is not the only thing important. It is a great manga you should read it if you hadn’t.
    • The plot is Your avg. reincarnation manga but the mc is a slime in another world and goes on a journey to make his own kingdom of monsters.
yes the mc is slime (it has anime adaptation also)

These three are my best manga with harem tag on it, that I had read so far in this year. Though there are manga’s where there is a lot of hot scenes and other stuff but these 3 are my main manga. They not only have a decent plot but also has some good fanservice and more than just ecchiness (especially the second one)

Each one of them is great in its own category and you should read them if not.


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