Best Isekai manga of 2018

Isekai or transported to another world, whatever you say, is a genre which we love the most because Mc has a harem, good development and OP power’s but they all are same, which makes us really boring again and again. But there is one manga which will not bore you.

No matter which year it is, Isekai or transported to another world manga are always there, but all of them are boring same happened in 2018, lot’s of Isekai manga but nothing worthy except few but still not great except this manga.

  • Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero

These 2 mangas are the best when it comes to Isekai. They not only has great character development but also emotional development.
These 2 mangas are not your avg. manga, where mc get’s OP power’s and gets scared when he uses his skill first time and eventually trains too much and become OP, This manga is a lot more than those low mangas.

Read it and know it yourself what you have missed so far. Also be sure to tell me your thoughts.


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