A Returner’s magic should be special

Don’t know why but I didn’t like this chapter much, because Romantica is still struggling but I am not struggling with writing this review.

My Thoughts:
I thought that Romantica would be able to get confidence in her skill in this chapter but still, there is no development in her character so far. We all know that Romantica’s opponents (forgot his name) have a dark past and that’s how his behavior is like this right now but wait, has he himself ever tried to understand the commoners?, that’s why I don’t think he is worthy to be considered to show mercy.

He did had a dark past but still…

But when will this girl has confidence in her skills?. I know that it will take time but still hope they would make it in the next few updates.

Let’s hope that the next few chapters would be great and there will be scenes of Mc.

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