Manaria Friends Ep-1 Review

This might become my favorite anime of this year. I put it on hold because I thought it might be some Yuri type or just boring slice of life Anime but no…

My Thoughts:
There are 2 main characters Anne (Human Princess), her character is cheerful and Grea (Dragon Princess), her character is shy.
The scene is of an academy where but non-humans and human’s study together without discrimination, but I feel like the non-human race think themselves lower than human’s or have some complex (don’t know why) and Anne is treated especially because of her position as princess but she feels outcasted, as she doesn’t have many friends, but she can be open only with Grea, as she is also a princess.

Shy princess in mine…..
Is it trend now?

I also get to see a loli, don’t know why but it seems like it has become a trend that you must have a loli. Overall it was great and I really am hyped for the new episode.

What I liked the most?
Environment and Art were amazing but the most that amazed me was the music at the background, it gave me a great feeling of what is going on in the scene and it felt like I can feel it.
I don’t usually use headset/headphones when watching anime but for this, I will use it always. The music is best, be sure to use your best headsets.

My Favourite scene:

Wanted to upload a short video but can’t do it because that feature is only in premium plan, so



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