A Returner’s Magic should be Special ch: 34 Review

The development for Romantica was slow but worth it, after all she had to be confident in life and death battle in future also.

My Thought:
Never thought that Pram would be this skillful but after watching his fight I think that he might be able to take both mage and swordsmen alone. The Romantica didn’t have much skill but after thinking back and think about Mc also she got confident and thus begins a good fight but have to wait for the next update.
As for our Mc and Adjest, they are having a good fight and I really hope that Adjest would change her view on other people’s skill, class and worth.

Yeah, I am also ready…

The next chapter would be the main thing as for this chapter, it was just an appetizer or warm up for the next updates.
I enjoyed and got amazed by knowing how far Pram’s skill is and hope to see more of his skills.


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