Iron Ladies ch: 110 & 111 Review

I really hate Seventh, why?, because he got a jackpot. Hope that she will get away from him soon but for now let’s bear it, him and,

My Thoughts:
The last panel really made me angry but what can I do. The chapter’s were great, thought there were some mistakes but still they wont destroy the quality of it. And for now it seems like we will be focussing more on Dragon Queen, which is great.
There were few pannels which had some white line (used to show effects) but I didn’t like it and hope that they use some other way to show effects they want to show.

I think this is the first time I am complaining about the art…

Why am I able to understand them?

I enjoyed both chapter’s even though there were mistakes but hey, every manga has a mistake in it so why not this?
The next chapter would focus more on Dragon Queen that’s what I think.


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