Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Review

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari or The Rising of the Shield Hero This is just the first impression of Ep 1 and my thought will it do great or not.

Mc (Iwatani) get’s teleported to another world, where he is given a job of shield hero, weakest of all hero and soon gets betrayed by a girl, even his own people from his world don’t take his side, thus he promises to take revenge and fight alone.

The plot is great, after all, there are very less revenge like anime in other world tags, so it is a great thing for me because it means that there will be great character development.

Artwork is good…

About the Art:
Fantasy world has always attracted me, since childhood because of new animals, magic, and beauty of nature, And that’s what we get to see in this also.
The forest, animal, environment and other stuff are good, especially the lighting. It’s great so far and really like the forest scene.

The skill effect is good…

Special effects:
The way of showing his skill is just like in the game but I liked it more than other game like anime’s, don’t know why but the way it shows his shield skill is really great for me

The music at the back is also good..

A piece of great music in the back makes a lot of difference especially in 2019 because art and music match great but it’s tough to make great music which sets with the character.
The music for our Mc is like of a cowboy type and give off felling of a lonely Hero and I like solo development.

Just one episode isn’t enough to tell about how good it will be in future or how great development will be.
But so far, I think it will do greatly but though part would be the character development of Mc, which will be tough for voice actors and artists.

Your savior is here…

Let’s hope it would do great and be sure to tell you thoughts rather than just liking the post.


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