Ueno San Wa Bukiyou Anime Review

Only one episode is not enough to tell properly about what this anime will be like in future but still I can give my first impression on it to you guys.

First Impression:

The right side girl is main heroine

A girl trying her best to impress her junior because she is in love with him but the boy is totally dumb.

It’s good, and there is no doubt about it. The artwork quite matches to there character also.
Overall the character artwork is not too bright not too shallow just above avg.

Environment and side characters:
The scene is of the science club and there is another member also and she has a character of silent type.
She is like a secondary main character in the anime. Overall the scene and side character are also good.

Overall Thoughts:
The anime is above avg. in art and character quality but it also a funny anime and geared toward young audience so I think it will do good but there are few problems.
But let’s see what will happen in future, I am not an Oscar-winning director so I can’t complain about it and I do hope they will do great.

Will I watch this anime? Yes, and you should also give it a try but only if you like middle school funny love story.

Also, this girl seems to be a genius…


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