Dororo Anime Ep- 1 Review

OK!.. We got Mob Psycho 100 season 2, but let’s review it later because this is something you should give a shot.

A boy who has lost his several body parts because this father used him as a sacrifice to the demon but the boy still survives it and is on a journey to kill all demon who had taken his body parts, after killing the first demon he comes to know that he can get his body parts back if he kills them. So the journey begins.

That’s just my own summary.

The quality isn’t bad….

It’s really great, I have to admit that. I really like the medieval period environment and historical type of settings, it meets my needs, so I just loved it.

A boy or a girl?

Character designs:
Character designs are also good, at first when it started I thought it’s a sci-fi something but later know that it was just an advertisement of sponsors or company.
The character designs were also really good and I am satisfied with that.

Whenever there is historical tag anime, the thing which makes me most hyped is about the music in back. The plays great roll in setting the mood. And for this anime the music at the back of it like a sole samurai who is a lone wolf

I like this art and music…

Opening Music:
I was taken aback after hearing the op music because I really liked it. This is my first time liking op music of an anime which has a character, which gives off a samurai vibe and has historical settings.
I just loved it.

Listening to past memories…

Ending Music:
The ending gave me a feeling of a person talking about his memories…, I loved it and kept on listening again and again.

Never thought that it would be so goooooodd….


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