Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 EP: 1 Review

It’s really hard to tell something about this anime because it already is good, sorry not good, it’s a great anime. But still, have to give my opinions on it.

He is same as always..

My Thoughts:
As funny as ever, master of Mob. It was really an enjoyable episode and really hyped for the next episode.
It was great in s1 and is great in s2 also. The mob is same as always and other characters are also same as ever.

The art in music is gooooooooooooood…..

I really liked the Animation in the Opening music but I still like the s1 opening music. As for the ending music, I can’t say anything because I can’t hear it correctly but let’s hear the original one.

It’s great, funny and great animation. That’s it, can’t say anymore.


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