Gotoubun No Hanayome from manga to anime adaptation

I don’t think there is anything to tell about this anime as every one of you might have read it’s manga so we all know it’s plot. So let’s get into the main thing.

My Impression

Don’t have much to talk about….

The art is a quite sparkling type, which I don’t like but still, it’s not always sparkling so it’s just near good to me. Also, this sparkling effect might make you feel like it’s a girls anime but it’s not. It’s good.

I don’t get much idea about music so sorry.

I am expecting a lot of character development from it and that’s why I loved its manga but its up to the creators so let’s hope it would be good.
So far I will say it look like just any other avg. harem anime but still I hope to be a good anime in future


They already showed spoiler…

4 thoughts on “Gotoubun No Hanayome from manga to anime adaptation

  1. Hey! I found out about your blog just recently, honestly I would like to ask you about some tips and questions. It would be nice if you could visit my website 🙂 .

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    1. Ok, I have read your posts and I should say that I liked your header image as well as your posts but I think it’s better you tell your audience about what you are telling them by giving each paragraph a tittle.
      LIke in this post I talked about character, then impression and other stuff.

      It helps to make the post small, faster to load (not that much) and It gets more satisfying than reading a whole paragraph.

      Also by looking at your home page section, I think you should create a featured image also.

      My blog is not that great and free one, so pls don’t get angry if something I said you don’t like it.


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