The Anime with most weird faces is back

Weird faces, the female lead, and gamble, You know it don’t you? She is back.
Let’s not talk about it, after all, we know the character’s, we know the plot and we know the faces, So let’s talk about the first episode.

that smirk will soon disappear…

First Episode Impression:
I have nothing to talk about this anime after-all we all had, watched this anime’s S-1, so everything is the same as usual.
The art, character, school everything is same except the Opening and Closing music.

The music is good…

The music is, same as usual. They have that feeling of gambling and other stuff so yeah, it’s great. Though I didn’t like closing music, still it’s not that bad, its just that I liked the previous, S-1 ending music.

Overall and expectations:
It’s a great anime so nothing more to say but I am expecting that maybe male mc will get a little closer to the female mc, also hoping to see her sister. Don’t know what will happen so let’s just expect great things.


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