It’s here guys…

Guys, I know that I am late to say this but I’ll say it, it’s here, “Domestic na Kanojo” or “Domestic Girlfriend”. This anime has everything, Harem, School life, Incest, great plot, a view of an adult, character development, and etc… Hope you have read the manga if not then go, read it now. So let’s review it.

My Thoughts:
Thank god they didn’t change the characters look and gave them the voice which will suit them properly. From one episode we can’t tell much about it but still it looks great so let’s talk more about it deeply

I can feel the character…

Art and character:
All hand up to the artists and big thanks because they draw the character they should have and it really looks good. The artwork is decent which is great and will suit it for sure.

It feel goooooooodd and that vibe…..

The opening is best and I liked it because it suits the development which we will see in the future. But I can’t say same about it for the ending music still, the ending music is good.

It’s great and nothing to say, also be sure to read the manga..


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