What the hell is that?

Alright then, Date a Live season 3 is here. An anime that literally makes me (still single) frustrated when I watch it. But I have to watch it because I like that “Harem” tag.

He is same as ever…

First Impression:
I don’t think there is anything to even talk about it because we all have might watched all the seasons so far, and there is nothing much changed which is kinda sad because I want Mc to be a little bit more mature.
Character’s, art and his Harem is same as ever and surelly it will increase more in this season and let’s hope it would be fun to watch the anime.

It’s same as usual so nothing do I have to talk about it but I really want to see that clock spirit girl (forgot her name), surely she is my fav. from all those girls. Let’s hope to get some glimpse of her.


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