Get ready… (cant understand the rest)

Ep- 2 of Mob Psycho s2 is here so let’s see what they got for us all.

Topic for this episode:-

Urban legends:
The Mc and his master go to other towns to solve some urban legends because they were not getting any client from there town. In other towns, they get to meet a monk and then also get a client. Together they start solving the mystery of the client. And after some time they take different ways to solve the problem faster. The fatty get’s to meet a red raincoat man and had a fight with him in some game like the style. Soon after we get to see the true rumored monster and then the battle begins or solve the mystery.

They also tried to solve the Old Running Grandma but turns out she was a real human.

Funny scenes:

Same reaction when my teacher asks me a question?


The art is gooooood…

Fight scene of monk and red rain coat:

Street fighters…

Mob and Dandree (ghost) fight:

chibi mob

Ending Music:
Finally get to listen to the ending music and its good. The song had rock type music and the characters were all drawn in chibi, so it was a kind of cute rock music. Might sound confusing and I am sorry for not describing it properly.

Overall, episode 2 was better than just good.


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