Is this an BL Anime?

Many people say that this is a BL (Boys Love anime) and drop it before even watching it, but to let you guys know this is not a BL anime you guys might be thinking of. It only gives off vibes of BL but it’s not shown in it, the way you might be thinking or those who dropped it. It’s a good anime for Ice skating lovers. I had it watched a long time ago, but still let me give you all guys my own review.

Review Is here:
You can read the plot in the anime description so I won’t waste time on that. Also, I am not a sport’s lover, so don’t expect a high-quality review.
This might be the only anime that I had watch solely because of the opening and ending music. The plot was good, art and everything was good but the only reason I watched it was Music. So let’s get more deeply into it.

it’s decent….

The artwork is good or avg. there were times when color looked quite low quality but still they were decent so didn’t give any bad impression.


Character designing:
You all know the anime art and character design is usually the same. This anime character design was same as any other anime nothing unusual but the dog’s design was kinda lame, sorry, I know it’s hard to draw the dog’s hair but still, it was kinda low quality but still it was good.
Better than having nothing.

Here we are the reason why I stick to this anime till the end.

This music is so gooooooooooooooooood…

Opening Music:
This music never changed in the whole series and was kinda of really good. I really liked this music, especially the line “we were born to make History“, I loved it and respected the artist to create a great piece of art.
I loved it, you might not have so sorry as it seems like our taste in music didn’t match.

Ending Music:
Only one time the music was changed but still both were great and yeah Loved both music and kept on listening.

Might get another season…

Anime Ending Satisfaction:
It was good and by making him won the second position means that there the Mc will grow more and gradually surpass his coach. It was satisfying.

If i have to score it I would give it 7.5/10 or 8/10 , even though there was a lots of BL moments (not into BL) and only like music, I still like the way Mc grows more and more, finding his own style and improves more. Also get to know about Ice Skating sport (might come handy for showing off). Overall it’s good and funny anime, so be sure to watch it if you don’t mind much BL moments.

Let this dog eat plss….

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