Don’t worry I will come whenever you call me

My hopes are crushed, this women which I thought to be beautiful turned out to be a monster. Still, I’ll explain my sadness in words to you all.

My Thoughts:
I thought that this episode will be about solving peoples problem and earn some money for traveling but it turns out to be a monster hunting quest. And that monster, sorry, demon turned out to be one of those demons who took his body part.
And after killing him Mc seems to get his nervous system (I think) got back, also the Mc and little boy seem to get closer to each other. They also get to meet that old bald monk or man.

If you can!!… he has done it…

It was satisfying but I don’t properly get what Mc get back after killing the monster. What do you think?
My score for this episode would be 7.5/10

What did he get back this time?

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