We must protect!!!!…..

Time to watch ep-2 of Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari and after watching it, I thought and made my words and here is my opinion.

She is grown-up...

My Thoughts:
I do know that the anime will have lots of character development but didn’t expect it to be this fast. The Mc’s party member Raftailia (sorry for the name) growth was good and now she understands that she has to kill if she wants to protect her dear ones.


We also get to see some cute moments of her. They also go to another town to earn some more money and experience. There they have a fight with a monster and that’s where her character develops more.

The rap in music is great…

The opening music is really good but it didn’t match the video that plays in the background but still it’s way good (music) and I am already listening to the full song.

The development was good and my score would be 8/10.

Some family moment…

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