What a great battle

This webtoon is really a greatest piece that I had ever read. I was knoing that ch-54 of Solo Leveling is out but still I wanted to wait and read it at last. And after reading it I am good now. So here are,

This knight is muscle-head

My Thought:
The Mc got a knight with Taunt skill, this skill helps to make all the opponent focus on the taunt skill user only and can’t attack other’s till taunt skill is active, which sounds really good and it is good.
We also get to know that the Ice Elf is really a strong opponent thus Mc and his 2 knight has to fight together to take him down. A the battle was great, not amazing because i liked his other battles.
It was great episode and the battle is over, everyone is going out from the portal and iyt’s time to beat the S class warrior.

He is in the squad…

It was really great and enjoyable. Also we all know that the Ice Elf will be the part of the team soon, very soon.
My score would be 9/10.


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