Little Girl here, Little Girl there, Little Girl everywhere

Little girls are everywhere in this anime, Endro, but they all are cute. And after watching both the episode I am asking myself that, was it just cute? or too cute or really cuuuuuute?. But before I find my answer I’ll give my thoughts to all of you.

No doubt it is a shoujo anime with all those sparklings everywhere but it’s hell cute and I loved it. When seeing first episode, after 4 minutes it showed the credits to all those people and I was like “HUH…….”, but that wasn’t the end. The anime continued.
The artwork is good and the music is also cute. And the character’s are also cute.

Who put that box there….

I didn’t write much because cute is the only thing in my mind right now. And I really hope it wont affect me.

My Score:
9/10 (all score for cuteness)


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