Losing interest in Anime because of Manga?

Anime with Harem category is really a difficult one, especially if you have read the manga already. When you know what is going to happen then you will losse the interest. Alright then, after watching 3 episode it’s time to give a pause for this anime- “Gotoubun No Hanayome”

My thoughts:
The anime is good with that harem tag on it. Story, plot and other stuff are decent and it’s enjoying to watch it.
So far it has been a good anime and would have been great if only I had not read the manga. Because I have read the manga, I can’t bring myself up for watching it again and again and this is the last time I will talk about the anime so far.

I will keep on watching this anime untill there is an episode I fell that is worth to share with you guys, especially the emotional development episode if it comes.

My score for this anime so far will be 7/10.


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