Ok!, I’ll do the review for you

Today I made a post, where I said that after reading the manga it’s hard to watch the anime because we know what will happen but this anime is different. A harem tag in a fantasy world with an animal girl and as a bonus a little girl, that’s something you cant’s miss.

And today’s episode was great with Mc and his companion Raphtellia getting more closer as they come to know more about each other, also faced the first wave of monster. So here is,

Respect earned…

The Review:
The episode was great especially when Mc and his old companion (other heroes) met each other, Every time I see that scene I really get angry and feel to kill all those heroes but I can’t.
But the artwork done in action was kinda dull to me but I’ll overlook it because of the Female Mc.

I enjoyed the episode and hope you guy’s had also enjoyed it.
My score will be 8/10


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